Our Faculty

Faculty in the College of Business Administration are committed to providing the highest quality of education to our students. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise serve as a valuable resource for students who seek educational and professional advice.

Faculty Directory/Areas

Faculty office hours do not apply for Finals Week.

Fall 2014 - Office Hours

Full-time Faculty by Area - Fall 2014

Part-time Faculty by Area - Fall 2014
Part-time faculty do not have voicemail. Please contact them via email.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty contact information is also posted on the bulletin boards outside of the following offices:

TAH 2028         Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
                        Dr. Seung Bach (Interim), 916-278-6463

TAH 2065         Associate Dean for Graduate and External Programs
                        Dr. Monica Lam, 916-278-6464

TAH 2130         Senior Associate Dean
                        Dr. Suzanne M. Ogilby, 916-278-5577

Faculty Bios
Faculty Awards

Outstanding Teaching Awards

Yang Sun CBA - SCM (MSCM Area) 2013-14
Pingsheng Tong CBA - Marketing 2012-13
Hakan Ozcelik CBA - HROB (Management Area) 2008-09
Laura Riolli CBA - HROB (Management Area) 2007-08
Chris Sablynski CBA - HROB (Management Area) 2006-07
Stanley Han CBA - GM (Management Area) 2005-06
Chris Sablynski Department of Organizational Behavior
and Environment
Craig Kelley Department of Management 2003-04
Ralph Pope Department of Management 2002-03
Merle Martin Department of Accountancy 2001-02
Manfred W. "Bob" Hopfe Department of Management 2000-01
Craig Kelley Department of Management 1999-00
Hamid Ahmadi Department of Management 1998-99
Gail Tom Department of Management 1997-98
P. Michael Sparks Department of Organizational Behavior
and Environment
Lindle Hatton Department of Management 1995-96
Reginald A. Goodfellow Department of Organizational Behavior
and Environment
Suzanne M. Ogilby Department of Accountancy 1993-94

Outstanding Scholarly and Creative Activity Awards

Jessica Bagger CBA - HROB (Management Area) 2011-12
Yang Sun CBA - DS (Decision Sciences Area) 2010-11

Outstanding University Service Awards

Seung Bach CBA - MGMT (Management Area) 2011-12
Tom Sandman CBA - MIS (A&IS Area) 2009-10
Craig Kelley   CBA - MKTG (Marketing Area) 2006-07
Chiang Wang Department of Management 2002-03
Jerry Estenson Department of Organizational Behavior
and Environment

Outstanding Community Service Awards

Craig Kelley Department of Management 2004-05
Dennis Tootelian Department of Management 2003-04


Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award

Necmi Karagozoglu CBA - GM (Management Area)      2013


Faculty Research Seminar

The CBA Research Seminar Series (formerly the Faculty Research Seminar) has a new format starting Fall 2012 - work in progress, rather than published works.  Each Area will "take ownership" for one session each semester and the format will be much more flexible - presentations, panel discussions, etc.  Sessions may include presentation of theoretical models that need feedback before data collection; idea pieces that need to be fleshed out in order to develop a model; results of preliminary data analyses that need novel interpretations; projects in search of data analysis strategies; or manuscript drafts that need fresh insight, etc. 

Seminar series currently suspended.




The various disciplines represented by the faculty include:

Accounting (ACCY) 
Accounting Information Systems (AIS) 
Decision Sciences (DS) 
Entrepreneurship (ENTR)
Finance (FIN)
Human Resource Management (HROB)
International Business (IBUS) 
Management (MGMT) 
Management Information Systems (MIS) 
Marketing (MKTG) 
Operations Management (OPM) 
Strategic Management (GM)