Jong Kim

After I finished my undergraduate engineering program, I worked as an ordnance engineer officer in the Korean Navy and a field design engineer in the nuclear power plant construction project for Bechtel corporation.

I took a two-year leave from the work to earn an MBA degree for a management career and came to USA. However, I came to believe in scholarly career in business education and research. I went on to a Ph.D. program after I finished an MBA program.

In the early stage of my teaching and research activities, my interest was in the way financial accounting information is used by stock market participants. Specifically, my research interest was in the way financial accounting information is used by the market participants including financial analysts in forming earnings expectations.

Currently, my teaching and research interest has shifted to the way internal accounting information affects a company’s performance. For a research methodology, I make an extensive use of field study including interview and focus group study.

I published findings from these studies in a book and in numerous newspaper and practice magazine columns. I have also organized and presented small business best practice seminars to Korean American small business people in Northern California.


PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia (1988)
Master degree, University of Toledo (1984)
Bachelor's degree, Seoul National University, Korea (1976)

Professional Certifications


Areas of Interest

Teaching: Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting
Research: Financial Accounting issues, Small business issues
Consulting: Founded KASS (Korean American Success Story) in April, 2001, which documents and disseminates best small business practices among Korean American small businessses in California.