Claudia Bridges

Having started my academic career later in life, I have had vast experience in the field of marketing, working in graphic design, advertising management, and direct mail/database management in the fields of insurance, market research, retail audio/video, medical products manufacturing, and not-for-profit fundraising. After returning to school to earn an MBA, I discovered that I wanted to continue on to become a college professor. I have an MBA and Ph.D. from Arizona State University and a BA in Marketing from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Research interests are in the areas of sales force motivation, sustainable agricultural and business practices, ethical and socially responsible marketing practices, and distance education. In addition, I am always searching for ways of improving my pedagogical skills in order to become a better educator. When not involved in academic endeavors, I am wife, an active parent of three young adults, travel extensively, read a variety of literature, cook, and tend to the pets.


PhD, Arizona State University (2003)
Master degree, Arizona State University (1997)
Bachelor's degree, Northeastern Illinois University (1981)

Professional Certifications


Areas of Interest

Teaching: Advertising, Ethics and Social Responsibility
Research: Environmental Sustainability, Salesmanship, Distance Education, Online shopping habits
Consulting: None