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       Hats off to the Fall 2014 Graduates!

photo of college graduates

The College of Business Administration will celebrate

Fall 2014 Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, December 20, 2014

at 1:00 p.m.

at the Sleep Train Arena
Graduating students to arrive at 12:00pm wearing cap and gown

To sign up to "Walk" in the ceremony,

1) read the information below and then
2) follow the link to the sign-up page.


Don’t forget to drop by the


GradFest 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One-stop shopping for all things commencement!




Important Ceremony Details

Here are a few things to keep in mind for those graduates walking:

  • Commencement will be held at Sleep Train Arena on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 1pm.

  • You need to show up wearing your cap & gown, starting at 12:00pm that day. The ceremony starts promptly at :00pm - we cannot wait for any graduates to arrive.

  • We will not have any extra caps, tassels, etc. on hand that day.  Please be sure to remember those items.

  • It is $12.00 per car to park at Sleep Train Arena. CASH ONLY!

  • You will enter Sleep Train Arena using the student entrance (you will be directed to the student entrance). Your families and guests will enter the arena through the entrances for events.

  • Students will line up in two lines. In each line the order is as follows:

    • Master’s Degree candidates first

    • Followed by students graduating with honors [please wear your honor cord]

    • And then all bachelor’s students 

                 In those groupings, you may sit with whomever you wish.

  • There will be a card/envelope on your seat. You will fill it out with your name for the photographer. This card is also how the faculty know how to pronounce your name. Please write clearly and if you have a difficult name, write the phonetic spelling [write your name how it sounds].

  • The ceremony will take approximately 90 minutes and last until approximately 2:30pm


  • Disability Services

    For the graduate: Graduates with disabilities who need special accommodations should contact their college and the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities prior to the commencement ceremony.

    For guests: Reasonable accommodations will be made for all guests with disabilities. Prior to commencement, we ask that you contact the Commencement Office by emailing or calling (916) 278-4724 with your name, college, phone number, email address and the names of the disabled guests. On graduation day, please have them locate the Special Guest Services Table on the second floor of Power Balance Pavilion.

    Sacramento State commencement staff will escort your guests to reserved seats. Due to space limitations, disabled seating is only reserved for the disabled guest. Family members can meet the disabled guest back at the Special Guest Service table when the ceremony has concluded.

    A sign language interpreter is on the stage during each ceremony and can be viewed on the pavilion’s video screens.

    Guide dogs are allowed in the pavilion. Guests should bring their guide dog’s certification and be prepared to present the certificate to pavilion security at the entrance. No other animals are permitted.

Where do I get my cap, gown and tassel?

Caps, Gowns, Tassels, and Honor Cords can be purchased [not ordered - have your money ready when you go] at the ASI Business Office, University Union, 3rd Floor. The costs are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Set [Bachelor's Degree]: $37.00 - includes cap, gown, and tassel
  • Graduates [Master's Degree]: $61.00 - includes, cap, gown, tassel, and Master's Hood
  • Items purchased Individually:
    • Tassel: $6.50
    • Cap: $9.50
    • Master hood: $21.00
    • Master gown: $23.50
    • Bachelor gown: $20.50
    • Honor cord: $13.50
    • Key chain tassel: $6.25 [souvenir tassel]
    • Mega key chain tassel: $9.50 [souvenir tassel]

  • Verify prices here: ASI Business Office

Will my name be printed in the commencement program book?

Registration with your college does not guarantee your name will appear in the program.

The appropriate petition to graduate forms must have been filed with Admissions and Records. For more information on petitions to graduate please click on the following link: To add your name to the program, please contact the commencement office at (916) 278-4724 or prior to November 24. 2014..

Business Student Services has no responsibility for the printed program.

You may also check to see if you name is listed at the GradFest on October 28, 2014 (10am-4pm) in the University Union

Please note: Signing up to walk does not guarantee that your name will be printed in the Commencement program. See below for info about names being read out loud at the ceremony.

How do I know if I am receiving academic honors? How do I get an honor cord?

Academic Honors are calculated based upon your grades from all semesters prior to your semester of graduation. To find out if you are receiving Academic Honors and therefore eligible to purchase [$12.50] and wear an Honor Cord at commencement, please check with the ASI office where Caps, Gowns, Tassels, and Honor cords can be purchased. The ASI Business Office is located in the University Union, 3rd Floor.

Will my name be read out loud at commencement? What if my name is hard to say?

YES! All students who attend the Commencement Ceremony will have their names read out loud by a Faculty Presenter from the College of Business Administration. When you arrive, there will be a card in your seat for you to fill out. Please be sure to print clearly and provide a phonetic spelling if your name is difficult to pronounce.

How do I find out out to get my diploma?

Diplomas are issued through the Sac State Office of the University Registrar.  Diplomas are mailed to the address on file with the university and you need to allow 3-4 months for completion of degree conferral after which time diplomas will be mailed

I would like to apply to be the Student Commencement Speaker. How do I apply?

Each semester, we make the opportunity available for one graduating student to be the Student Commencement Speaker.  If you would like to apply to be considered for this honored opportunity, please download the Student Speaker Application for all information, instructions and the application form.

I have heard that I have to sign up to 'walk' at the ceremony. How do I do that?

Click on the "Sign Me Up" button below and complete the short form and you will be signed up to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Sign up to walk and participate in the Commencement ceremony

To participate in your commencement ceremony, please complete the form below and then click Submit. Please do this only once, as each time you do, it adds your name to our list. Important Note. Once you click submit, you will see a confirmation page with reminders. This is your confirmation that you have signed up and that your name is on our list. We encourage you to print the confirmation page for your records and your family members for questions that come up as you get closer to the date of graduation. 

Last Name First Name

Classification [Undergrad or Grad]  


Number of Guests you plan to bring. There is no limit, we just need estimates.
No tickets required. Seats are not reserved.

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